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Location Rules:


The Campus Safety Department receives its authority to enforce the traffic and parking regulations from the California Penal Code, the California Vehicle Code and the Municipal Court. Ignoring a citation will result in immediate legal action in the form of additional penalties and a hold being placed on your vehicle registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Citations will be issued for violation of provisions of the California Vehicle Code as well as the following special college regulations under Section 21113 CVC.

No person shall fail to obey any sign or signal erected to carry out these regulations or any section of the California Vehicle Code.

Parking is not allowed in any area that does not have a clearly marked stall.

Vehicles parked within a stall shall not overlap the lines that designate that stall.

Painted curbs are in indication of restricted parking and the color denotes the type of parking allowed as follows.

  1. RED ZONE- indicates no parking or stopping anytime, whether the vehicle is attended or not.
  2. YELLOW ZONE- indicates a 15 minute parking zone.
  3. GREEN ZONE- indicates 30 minute parking zone.
  4. BLUE ZONE- indicates handicapped persons' parking area. Must display a valid DMV issued disabled parking placard. Disabled drivers must carry valid disabled permit paper work and have it available upon request.
  5. WHITE ZONE- drop off or pick up only. Unattended vehicles will be cited.

No person shall abandon, leave standing, any vehicle or motorized cycle on the campus for 24 or more consecutive hours without permission of the Campus Safety Department. Violations will result in vehicle removal and storage.

No person shall drive any unlicensed vehicle, nor shall any person stop, park or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon driveways, paths, or the grounds of College of the Canyons without permission. Any unidentifiable vehicle on campus is subject to removal and storage. Exception is made for District-owned vehicles.

Campus Speed Limit

No vehicle other that emergency equipment shall be operated on District facilities at a speed in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour and, where signs indicate a lesser speed, that speed will be the maximum.


No alcoholic beverages, intoxicants, controlled substances or tobacco in any form shall be brought onto the property of the District.  Persons under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, or controlled substances shall be denied participation in any activity and required to immediately vacate all District property. (Board Policy 6700)


The District, in accordance with State law, bans smoking/tobacco usage within all campus buildings and in any outdoor area except in designated smoking areas.  This policy includes all college‐ leased and college‐occupied buildings. In addition, smoking/tobacco usage shall be prohibited at events held on campus initiated by internal District users or by User on any District property. Further, smoking/tobacco usage is banned in the swimming pool area and in the Cougar Stadium.  Smoking shall be allowed in designated areas only.  User shall ensure any smoking done by anyone using the District Property pursuant to this Agreement, including User employees and guests, adhere to all District policies regarding smoking.


No weapons concealed or otherwise shall be allowed on District property.


Aircraft‐related activities are prohibited. This includes manned or unmanned, power or non‐powered aircraft of any type including helicopters, ultra‐lights, hang gliders, hot air balloons, parachuting, etc. The use of drones or model aircraft by User or guests is not permitted, and User must notify all employees and guests in writing that these items are not permitted on District Property.